Redoing Net-Bits.Net

Redoing the whole website, it was long time over due.

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Some update on what is going on

Lot of work has been done and going on in the background. Couldn't post anything here because my full focus was on development.

Relay server had major upgrade, latest version is now 2nd generation of ircWx relay server code named 'Panther' which is 64-bit and NUMA aware, with new processing and synchronization architecture, which I call 'Fluid Synchronization Model,' is designed for the class of servers known as 1000+ cores. If it is truly 1000+ core server software, I don't know yet, since I don't have 1000-cores machine, but theoretically it has minimum synchronization overhead for ircWx protocol and model is ready to incorporate any hardware level improvements for 1000+ core machines. Old one couldn't have done that, hence, 'Panther' is rewritten from ground-up with new architecture to support this level of concurrency and synchronization.
Although, I ran tests on my 12-cores PC, and it showed magnitudes of improvement. Old one, concurrency performance degraded after 9 cores, on the new one it was almost straight and linearly sloped over 12-cores.
Following is good article about the software issues related to 1000-cores class servers: Concurrency Control in the Many-core Era: Scalability and Limitations.

More information can be found here: ircWx Facebook Page.
Correction to the post I made there that says it is eventual consistency. Old synchronization model was technically strong consistency, but "Fluid Synchronization Model" has mix of both strong and eventual consistency. ircWx protocol needs both types of consistencies but default approach is to use eventual consistency but some commands like NICK changes require strong consistency and synchronization hence they have more overhead.

It is being used on 3 networks:
  1. Buzzen: First network to use our chat software, it has come a long way.
  2. Essential: New chat network that started to use ircWx system this year.
  3. Wx: Net-bits own chat network. Well, I started to get emails last year showing concerns about what will happen if network(s) stop using ircWx protocol/system. So here it is our own chat network, and it will always use ircWx protocol and system -- and it is run by great and committed people.
All these networks have amazing people running and chatting I recommend visiting them all :)

Current status: ircWx system can be divided into 3 portions: relay server, website, and webchat. Then there is saber which is desktop client but I consider it independent.
  1. Panther (2nd generation of relay server) is complete and running on production server. It was completed last year in oct-2013.
  2. New website system (maybe or maybe not a cms) is underdevelopment. I'll update once development has reached significant level. Ideally, target is to complete it by oct-2014.
  3. New webchat client. I'll start to work on it once new website system is ready.
And I've also plan to update Sabertooth once these developments are complete. It will have multi-channels and multi-server support. I'm also working on scripting language which may have some interesting properties, which will be included in saber for scripting. I will give more details once script language is near completion, it is top-secret so can't give much details now but it will be very interesting language to work with.

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Time for the public preview

My appologies for the delay, I'm working on IRCwx server, AJAX chat client, website for IRCwx server, financial software, property management software, stocks management software, and forum software. I estimiate the time for public preview for forums software will be 1 Nov 2011.

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Screen shots for Home Financier

Working on a personal financial software. Screen shots I've posted here products and services .

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Rearranged sections

Moved everything related to IRCwx under one section.

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