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ircWx Webchat Client v1

Notice: This project has been discontinued! For new version please go to: Webchat v2.
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ircWx web chat v1 client is a feature rich open source web-chat client based on ircWx protocol. It is built in flash - 95% of all browsers have flash installed, no activex to download and no hassle in installation, completely cross platform (works on Windows, MAC, and Linux), and secure. Its main features include multi-language (Unicode) support, formatting, user preference settings, whispers (private messaging) in separate window, ignore/unignore, tagging, status icons, profile icons, and sound with certain events. It is a convenient and affordable solution for adding state of the art chat rooms to any website.

List of main features:
1. Multi-language (Unicode) support.
2. Formatted messages and preference settings.
3. Whisper (private messaging) in separate window.
4. Profile viewing.
5. Ignore/Unignore.
6. Tag/Untag.
7. Away/Unaway status and away message.
8. Sounds upon certain events.
9. Profile icons.